December 22, 2010

Obtained a B.E. Degree, now what? - Yahoo! Answers given by

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Career guidance related?

Hello I am about to finish my B.E. in computer science engineering. in India... can you guide me for some good courses after B.E., because I don't think so that only B.E. shall help me today. ..can you list some good courses that shall add to my merit after B.E. or doing Masters shall be a good option.....I have heard that Certification courses have more weight than Masters in IT industry,, Is it true...??

My interest lies in Web Designing and Networking...... also my friend is undertaking C EH coaching is it really worth spending that money or its a waste... shall it really ensure a good Job or its just for gaining knowledge.... also I heard that Solaris Certification is in good demand .. is it true??
Thanks for your help....its really important because I believe that goals can be achieved through proper guidance only.... Thank YOU.....

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 My suggestion is to work backwards. What kind of position would be of interest to you when you graduate? Then go on to the job boards and search for those positions.

Review the types of degrees, certifications etc. required for the type of position you may have an interest in, this should give you a good idea of what you should be taking.

You may also visit our career site: there is a live help service and you can speak to a career counselor at no charge.

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December 19, 2010

What jobs do I qualify for with a Bachelors

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What jobs do i qualify for with a Bachelors? 
I graduated from the university of Chicago 2 years ago, since than I've been working at a Walmart for 9 bucks an hour. I wanted to be around family but the town that I live in which is in(In GA) is so small and there are no jobs here. So I am moving to CHICAGO. What kind of jobs should I apply for? by - jp ransom 
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As a graduate from the University of Chicago, an excellent place to view, and apply to jobs would your school's career site. Many Managers and Alumni seeking to hire U of C grads, post their jobs on your school's career site. You may be very surprised at the number and variety of jobs on your schools career site!!

Visit your school's website, log into the career site and post your resume, so managers searching for candidates can find your resume. Also do you belong to your school's alumni association? Many alumni associations have their own job posting websites.

There are an increasing number of companies that hiring via the colleges only, so take advantage of the direct access to managers interested in graduates from your school. If you have questions about using your school's career website call, or email the career center, they can help you.

Also check out Linked-IN, you may find jobs and contacts there.

Continued good wishes and remember your college career center personnel are happy to help long after you graduate.Source(s):


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December 04, 2010

How to make past waitressing skills look good on a receptionist resume?

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meagan_hart18 How do I make past waitressing skills look good on a receptionist resume?
Asked by meagan_hart18

I am applying to be a receptionist at an office. I want someone to give me ideas about how to write the summary and description of serving so that it applys to being a receptionist. I was also a lifeguard if you could do the same for this it would be great also. I already know that I need to put that I had good communication skills, and execellent at dealing with customer complaints and requests; etc I just need someone to put it in a professional way for me.

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Receptionist and Waitresses share many key tasks and you are quite right that many of the skills are transferable. Among them:

1) "Initial contact with the public, ensured that restaurant image and service quality was maintained"
2)."Welcomed guests made sure that they were comfortably seated"
3) "Identified guest needs or who they were there to meet “and took their order
4) "Relayed needs or order to the chef"
5) "Resolved customer related problems" related to serving process and or food orders 6) "informed management of compliments or problems made by customers"
7) "Excellent verbal communication skills, legible writing skills" (receptionist often have to write written notes, it is not all email...)
There are many more, but these are enough to add to a starter resume. As you can see they are many translatable skills. The language in brackets can be used as part of your resume.

Continued good luck as you pursue this career path.
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December 03, 2010

Starting a career at 24? - Yahoo! Answers given by

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I'm 24, married, and have a daughter. I graduated High School but only have like 6 college credits under me. I can't really attend college right now because of the childcare costs and I pretty much have no experience under me for anything. I'm not even really talented at anything. How does someone in my position kick start a career? I'd like to get a good job and be able to support my family so that we can live comfortably but I'm at a loss on what to do.

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As a young parent, you have acquired some skills that are transferable to a number of jobs and career paths.

Some examples?

1) Customer Support:
The skills required to convince a two year old that is it 8:00 PM, and that neither the time, or your determination to put them to bed is going to change; is the same skill that it takes to convince an Executive that his BMW will not be ready before 4:00 PM.

1) Customer Support:
The skills required to convince a two year old that is it 8:00 PM, and that neither the time, or your determination to put them to bed is going to change; is the same skill that it takes to convince an Executive that his BMW will not be ready before 4:00 PM.

I you are able to stay silent or somewhat silent and hear the two year old out; then firmly, put them to bed - then you may be a brilliant customer support person. Either direct face-to-face customer support, phone support or call center person.

2) Do you like working outdoors? Then jobs such as a gardener, grounds care, lawn care tree or branch cutting services:
Many garden type companies seek persons with flexible schedules. If you are the entrepreneurial type you may end up starting your own company

3) Home health care, daycare helper:
Although some of these positions require certification, there are others where your home making skill, at managing, caring for and supporting a young person who is sometimes able to communicate what is really wrong with them, can be an invaluable.

4) Retail stock person at a retail warehouse, big box store etc
Who picks up more toys and clothes than a parent, who also has the knowledge that it will only stay organized for a short while and that you will have to do it again soon!

Retail stock positions can offer an entry to a variety of retail sales and retail administration jobs.

4) Retail store delivery person / delivery driver
Are you a good driver and possess a clean driving record: Try delivery person or school bus driver.

Many business services and office supply companies seek responsible persons to deliver items bought by their clients. This is a great opportunity to meet people at a variety of companies and maybe to distribute your resume.

There are many other jobs where you can use the day-today skills you are applying in your current job as a homemaker and mother.

At your interview, do ask whether the company offers formal on-the-job training and certifications for the job you are applying for.

Many of these starter jobs will help you recognize your hidden talents, and inform you as to the things you would enjoy doing

Check out this article: 25-Highest-Paying-Jobs-for-High-School-G…

Good luck with your job search, what you are trying to achieve is very doable. I did not get into the work force until I was 27. I was a stay-at-home Mom too.

My first position was in sales, which lead to a wonderful career, in sales, computer consulting and sales recruiting. Looking back many years later, I cannot imagine that my original career goal involved looking at tiny creatures through a microscope!

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September 22, 2010

Turning down a Job Interview

 Great Company, Terrible Job,
How to Turn Down a Job Interview

Many candidates complain that they are being invited to Franklin Paterson Resumes interviews for jobs, that appear to have nothing to do with their current skills, or job interest.
What to do - should you turn down the interview, and if so, how do you turn down this interview, but still keep yourself active with the company or referral agency.
Should you attend every interview you are invited to? Turning down a job offer is one thing, turning down an interview is quite another!
  1. Before you turn down the interview ask for a bit of time to review your schedule or research the company.

    • Ask the interview scheduler for the URL of the company career site; visit their site to learn more about the position.
    • Find out if the company is hiring for many positions at different levels.
    • Are there other positions you might be interested in or qualified for.
  2. Often if you do not accept an interview when you are first called, you may have difficulty getting the manager or interview scheduler back on the phone to schedule your interview.
  3. Send an email or leave a cordial message within a few hours, of receiving the call or email, indicating an interest in taking the interview, or learning more about the company and the position or you might regret in turning it down.Include these facts in the email:
    • Highlight your interest in hearing about other positions at the company.
    • If there is another job or location that you may have an interest say so, and include a snippet about your ideal job.
  4. Don’t wing it, have a prepared turned down comment of two or three lines. Try to end with a comment such as, “thank you for you time and consideration of my resume, I plan to mention your opening to qualified friends and associates".
  5. As career counselors we are hearing from many jobseekers, that while they were hot properties during their last job search; they are getting fewer calls this time around. In addition, resumes sent to companies that were very interested in them in the past, are not responding.
  6. One problem may be the way you turned down interviews or jobs in the past. Your terse “Not interested”, “this is not what I want” is often documented as “DNC” or “Do Not Refer”.
No one likes to be turned down twice, so the hiring manager will not refer you for other jobs, to other managers, divisions, networking colleagues, or companies if your are terse or impolite. To learn more about mastering the interview process view, cover letters or interview training tips visit us at:
Thanks again, and continued good luck in your job search.
Janis Ransom

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July 02, 2010

Missed a call from potential employer?

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Question from Crystal: Missed a call from a potential employer?

I just had a pre-employment assessment test on Monday, and late in the afternoon yesterday, someone from the company called me and I missed it. By the time I realized, it was too late in the evening.

I called again this morning and left a message because they were busy/out of the office. If they don't call me back, when is it appropriate to give them a call again?

Later in the afternoon today, or tomorrow morning perhaps?

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May 26, 2010

So you want to be a Sales Person??

Here is a great article on  Cold Calling....

Mistakes made in cold calling

by Bruce Griffin

Cold calling, has everything to do with making your first impression count. Put on your best behavior, smile naturally, when greeting your prospective customer and be ready to be sized up within those first few moments.

Face, to face cold calling is not a natural ability many people are suited for. But, with time, patience and enthusiasm, you will have the moves down to a perfect rhythm. You have to put yourself in front of a complete stranger that you may know absolutely nothing about, in order to make a sale. The first hurdle you must overcome is, selling yourself.

Be polite, as opposed to being rude. You do not want come off as being presumptuous, by barging right into your sales pitch, unless the prospect is challenging you, as to what it is you want. Why are you taking up their time?

Do not evade direct questions. When a prospective sale is at stake, it is always best to address any questions a prospect might have about the product. This conveys sincerity and harbors trust.

Everyone is different. What works for one person, might be poison to another. Do not be inflexible with your sales approach. A good cold caller is able to bend with the wind and weather out the storm. Becoming familiar enough with your product and delivery, allows you to be expandable enough, to adapt to many different sales approaches.


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March 08, 2010

Why you need a Professional Cover Letter

Cover lettersMid-career to senior jobseekers should have a cover letter which can also be used as a professional job intro email.
Applying to a job with a resume plus cover letter, makes your application more professional; because these documents are viewed by the managers as snap shot of the professionalism of the candidate.
A resume plus cover letter shows the quality of the work you will deliver once hired, AND that you are taking the application for a job at their company as very important indeeed!!
Create an email containing your resume plus cover letter, keep in your email drafts folder, so  if you need to dash off a resume immediately, when someone says send me your resume, you can send it right away with a professional intro/cover letter as the email intro.
Also when you apply to jobs you may notice many companies are checking the send cover letter also, button.
Take as much care in the creation of your cover letter as you do your resume. Remember your cover letter may be all the manager reads!!!

February 17, 2010

Should you add or leave out dates on your resume.....

Positions Available Increasingly jobseekers are choosing to omit graduation, work history and internship dates on their resumes.
Should you exclude dates from your resume ...

Reasons include:
  • Many jobseekers would like their skill set to shine and not the length of experience in the field
  • Attempt to “fuzzy” their experience to match the salary and experience required for the job to which they are applying.
  • A way for a change of career jobseeker to look like traditional-track graduate, who went to school, graduated, and then went directly into the field in which they are now applying.
  • Willing to take the risk that the two page functional rather than chronological style resume does not imply that the jobseeker is trying to hide something like job-hopping.


  • If you are leaving off dates to adjust your experience remember to also remove ancient technology, products and skills or names of companies that were out of business years ago.
  • Some Schools that were colleges years ago are now universities, and some degree programs have been merged with other programs or moved to different departments within your school, make sure that you update your school info.

Tell us your thoughts on this topic or your experiences…….

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December 22, 2009

Surviving a Lay-off !!

Managing your next career move in a tumultuous market whether through downsizing, or a personal decision to chart your career ship to safer waters before the storm, takes some advance planning.

  Still employed?
resumes plus cover lettersTake on more projects at work, increase your productivity, make yourself invaluable, improve your profile, and your attitude to the changes in the work place.
Network, network, network, call former work pals, let friends, and family know that you are either laid-off or may be soon, due to changes at your company.
Consider speaking to your employer about a four-day work-week or reduced salary in the short term, in lieu of letting you go. The lay-off maybe an attempt by your employer to reduce cost, but the work you perform may still need to get done.
Why and what to do before the layoff:
·        Do not Quit! It is always easier to find a new job while you are still employed.
·        Negotiate a severance package; unemployment may take two weeks to activate.
·        Review your health insurance plan; find out when your coverage would end.
Embrace the possibility of change:
·        If your apartment or home will allow, get a roommate to share your home or apartment, to help with the rent/mortgage or to help you amass a rainy day savings cushion
·        Downsize to a less expensive or smaller more efficient car, you may need to drive around to interviews, and lowering your car payments won’t hurt either.
·        Consider the possibility of a moving, to a new location where jobs are more available.
Already laid-off?
·        Widen the types of job types you are applying for, look outside your comfort zone.
·        Review the skills and talents you have acquired in your current and previous jobs. Brainstorm with friends about jobs where you can easily incorporate these transferable skills.
·        Take a class it will help you meet people, retrain into a new area, and give you something else to focus on besides your job search.
Re-introduce yourself to employers who had contacted you previously:
·        Many jobseekers may have been less than friendly to recruiters or managers calling to recruit you while you were employed. The terse “I am not interested” may be documented in your file.
·        Do not expect these managers to respond to your resume only, you will need to reach out - by sending a cover letter stating your interest.
Revamp your career search tools:
·        Consider interview training especially mastering the telephone interview many candidates never get an in-person interview, because they fail the telephone interview.
·        Create a presentation resume, this is a formal resume to be used at the interview; employers do expect a formal version of your resume at the interview.

Even in today's job climate new jobs are becoming available every day. Employers are still motivated to offer Candidates career oriented positions. These Companies believe in their communities and are interested in getting its most talented members to join them, adding value and stability to the local community.
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December 11, 2009

Creating Successful Online Job Applications

 Successful Online Job Applications - Six Easy Rules to Follow...

Franklin Paterson Resumes

Creating successful online job applications on most job boards requires some thought and resume posting method. Here are a few simple rules to ensure that your resume is not ignored.

1. Resist the urge to simply send a blind resume via email or to upload your old resume. Employers seeking to hire, are more likely to view resumes in a format that they are accustomed to, the rest is for the delete button. Remember, managers are short on time too.

2. Please, Please follow the application instructions.  If the job asks you to put the Job ID in the subject or attach cover letter- Please do so. To ignore directions tells the manager that you do not/will not follow directions - and you wonder why they have not called on your resume.

3. Update your application. If you have created a job application a few weeks ago, please go back and update, you may have fallen to Resume 1005 - nobody reads that many!!  Every now and again, update to rise to the top.

4. Change or remove your objective or summary so your info looks new. Working on new software, or learning a new skill on your current job?  Add it to your resume.

5. Still no hits or interviews after three weeks- Thrash the whole thing. Create a new resume or profile.  Do it yourself or invest in your career, have a professional resume writer design it for you.

6. Many companies aware that some companies require a one month notice, and will accept a delayed start date - so hang in there!!!


November 24, 2009

Job Searching after the Thanksgiving holidays

MyNEXXTJob.netWhy Job Hunting after Thanksgiving is such a Brilliant Idea!!!!

With over 25% of jobseekers opting out of job hunting due to the holidays -a quarter of your competition just left the job search market, now is the time to capitalize on that advantage.

Many managers have projects that need to be completed before the end of the year; and with many employees taking vacations there is a real need to add staff- full time, consulting and hourly employees.

Contract to full time position are a great way to show employers your value, and skills.

Remember some of the best salary offers are made
during this upbeat time of year, so hang in there!!!

New full time and contract jobs are being added all the time…

     We hope that you will update your info soon.
  Jill Boston

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